Click to enlargeHurricane CO Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit

If you have an older Safari or Beaver Coach, say 1999 and you have Hot Water Heat, you most likely have the Hurricane CO45 Diesel Boiler.

A common failure is the burner stops with an error of Running Flame Out. We found that there are two common issues and one not so much, that causes this. The fuel pump or Flame Sensor(a photo diode) and in rare cases the control board itself.
Ours was the fuel pump. Burner fired and ran for 45 seconds and then Flame Out error. Found that the fuel pump, while running, produced no pressure. after the run around from ITR, we pulled the pump and opened it up. The old bellows, in the picture, had disintegrated from 15 years in diesel. We were happy to find this rebuild kit with a new Bellows, Spring, gasket and directions instead of a $250 replacement pump. Takes about 15 minutes to replace the parts, the harder part is getting it out of the burner.
ITR offers special pricing on new Hurricane CO45DR parts, but not too special. If you would rather go with an upgraded pump, a bit of work getting it retrofit, contacts us. Also consider replacing the flame sensor and fuel filter to complete the service.

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