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Battery Upgrade or Replacement
We use only Trojan T-105 Plus true Deep Cycle Golf Cart Batteries to replace Marine House batteries. True deep cycle batteries have much thicker plates to withstand the deep discharge cycles the coach puts them through. Now it is a bit tricky for they are 6V, therefore each pair needs to be wired in Series to produce the 12V the house requires, but the capacity and life to get out of each pair far exceeds the added cost. We also suggest the addition of a battery watering system to make caring for these batteries far less of a burden. Simply quick connect the transfer bulb/pump to the battery plumbing, stick the other end of the hose into the distilled water bottle and pump until the bulb gets hard. All the batteries are now full. takes less than 30 seconds.

To  replace 12V batteries with 6V T-105's some short interconnect cables are required and they are a bit taller, but most battery houses have already taken that into consideration, but you need to check. To add the watering system, all the cell caps from the batteries are replace with Valve Caps that have valves that close when the cell is full. Each cap is plumbed together and connected to one half of a quick disconnect for the pump.

We use only Interstate Batteries for chassis battery replacement.


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